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  • Marshack

    I completely agree…George Soros is long overdue to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. When the central totalitarian governments in that region began to collapse in the late 1980s, a huge void in governance was created, hastened and filled in by an emerging and energized civic sector. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation on April, of 1993. He is a hero of Democratic development in post Soviet Europe.

  • Larry

    George Soros worked selflessly for peace and democracy. He has given more than 500,000,000 to what OSI called the Newly Independent States of the Former Soviety Union and Yugoslavia. Since then, he has given large sums to Haiti and South Africa. Domestically, he has supported efforts for drug law reform and prison reform in the US.

    What is most remarkable about Soros (asides from his giving such huge sums away) is his willingness to let LOCAL foundations determine the places where he should make his philantrophic contributions. He is not some overlord who goes into a country and tells them what they need. He is an imaginative thinker who creates a Foundation Board from among the most distinguished citizens in a country–and THEY tell him where they need his support. Sometimes it is for safe drinking water (Sarajevo), sometimes it is for a free press, sometimes it is for university scholarships for students to study overseas. Sometimes it money to pay to re-write school and university textbooks.

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